District police officers present in time of attack on journalists in Almaty must be attracted to responsibility for inaction - Zhovtis

Date: 14:56, 24-07-2019.

Almaty. July 24. KazTAG - Kazakhstani international bureau for human rights and rule of law is going to attract district police officers to responsibility present in the time of attack on journalists in Almaty, said Eugeniy Zhovtis, director of the bureau.
"These people were accompanied by the district police officers. He was preset in the time of the incident, he was carefully making a video without taking any actions. I am addressing to Turgumbayev (Minister of Interior Affairs-KazTAG) - what are the policemen busy with, including the district police officer," he said at the press-conference.
He said only the Minister of Interior Affairs believe that the accident was a routine conflict.
"Nobody except our MIA head thinks that it was a routine conflict. It was an organized and planned action which was prepared in advance. There were no messages about a meeting, meetings are not held in the bureau, we are not the organization conducting the meetings. It was clear that this attack was planned as a big group of women wearing sports clothes went up the fourth floor without asking us. It is hard to imagine that someone went up the fourth floor to make a brawl," he said.
"It is very funny for me to hear when the press secretary of the police department of Almaty says that they have initiated pre-trial investigation on arbitrariness. Any lawyer will laugh about it. Robbery is an open theft of another's property - it is the same in Africa. We will appeal against any attempts to retrain these acts in court, in the prosecutor's office, because people must be responsible for what they have done," he added.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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