Divers found bodies of 100 out of 162 victims of Air Asia crash

Date: 09:22, 09-02-2015.

Almaty. February 9. KazTAG - The Indonesian divers have found several bodies of Air Asia crash casualties, thus the number of discovered bodies increased to 100, report foreign mass media sources.
According to NBC News, one body was found in the cockpit of the plane. On Friday the divers found four other bodies, three bodies were lifted on Saturday.
The body withdrawn from the cockpit was in the uniform and fastened with seatbelt. The body of another pilot is still in the cockpit, the divers couldn't withdraw it due to strong underflow. The pilots of the crashed plane were Iriyanto (many Indonesian people have only one name) and French Remi Emmanuel Plezel.
Some bodies were found nearby the Sulvesi Island, about1000 km from the scene of the crash. More than 60 divers are involved in the search.
There were 162 people aboard- 155 passengers and 7 crew members.

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