Divorces more rare in Kazakhstan than in Russia and the US - Statistics Agency

Date: 03:10, 16-04-2014.

Astana. April 16. KazTAG -People divorce more rarely in Kazakhstan than in Russia and the US, said Alikhan Smailov, chair of the Statistics Agency.

"The divorce coefficient is equal to 3 per 1000 people in our country, it is much lower than in such states as, for example, Russia, where it makes 4.7 per 1000 people, Belarus - 4.1, the US - 3.6," he said.

"The marriage rate is higher in our state. For example in Kazakhstan it is equal to 10, in Russia-9.2, Belarus-8.1, the US- 6.8, in Germany-4.7," he said.

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