Doctors reveal pathologies among half of Berezovka residents nearby Karachaganak

Date: 09:53, 08-01-2015.

Uralsk. January 8. KazTAG - The results of  medical examination of residents of Berezovka village in West Kazakhstan region have been made public, where mass poisoning was registered in November 2014, presumably, in the result of emissions from Karachaganak field.
"The examination covered 1357 people including more than 300 children. The preliminary results of medical examination showed that 50% of Berezovka population have different pathologies. 30% of residents, the majority of whom are children, suffer respiratory diseases, 21% suffer diseases of blood circulatory system, 14%- diseases of digestive organs. Some people suffer diseases of nervous and muscular systems," reports the regional health care department.
The specialists from the institute of cardiology and internal diseases and pediatric institute are working in Berezovka. Field specialists are planned to be invited: children’s cardiologist, neurologist and pediatrist.
"In order to provide rehabilitation of Berezovka residents 56 children had rest in "Akzhaiyk" sanatorium before the New Year's days. Since January 2 until 18 other 79 children will have rest. 10 children will go to rehabilitation and examination to "Alatau" sanatorium located in Almaty," said the department.
As it was previously reported about 30 schoolchildren and teachers were poisoned in late November in Berezovka. Later, the number of affected people exceeded 90. A special commission was founded to investigate the accident.

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