Dosayev denies Kashagan statement concerning implication of his company to pipes welding

Date: 04:06, 15-04-2014.

Astana. April 15. KazTAG - Yerbolat Dosayev denies implication of Ersai Caspian Contractor company to delivery and welding of defect pipes at Kashagan field where oil production has been suspended for the nearest two years.

"The meeting with the main investors dedicated to the plans for 2014 will take place on April 17. They must propose a detailed plan, what needs replacement. If the question concerns Ersai Caspian Contractor, it took part in Kashagan development, but had no relation to the questions of welding works and pipes supply. Thus, I would like to hear this question only once and not to repeat it anymore," said Yerbolat Dosayev, Minister of Economy and Budget Planning after the briefing in the central communications service.

He completely denies implication of the company to the failure which he owns jointly with his business partner and colleague in the Government Nurlan Kapparov, Minister of Environment and Water Resources,  as we found out, has direct relation to the failure at the field.

If for the Minister escaping the answer to a direct question - is protection of  esprit de corps, for us the search for the true- is our professional rule.

Five days ago our agency sent an official request to the management of Ersai Caspian Constructor with a detailed list of questions connected with production suspension due to poor quality of pipes. The reply which was signed by Yan Chan, deputy general director, was fast and severe.

There have been three paragraphs in the letter. The first one stated the company did not supply the pipes. The second one - strongly recommends to apply to the authorized party and check the information source. In the last paragraph the company warns about protection of its interests and business reputation. The editorial did just that. We decided to check the information sources and applied to the authorized bodies. Our colleagues assisted us.

That is what the editorial of "Ak Zhaiyk" newspaper received to the request addressed to the press-service of Kashagan project operator, declaring that NCOC has finally voiced the steel brand used in Kashagan's pipes and the names of the companies which supplied, lowered and welded the pipes.

Here is the reply: "The consistence of the steel meets the X60 specification. The pipes were delivered by different companies, one of which was Sumitomo company. The lowering and welding works were operated by Saipem company (joint venture whose entity is Ersai Caspian Contractor - branch of Lancaster Group and Italian company Saipem).

Now we will turn to the journalistic investigation conducted by the business newspaper "Kursiv". The editorial received inspection certificate which gotin the hands of editorial due to local ecologists and an authorized body - department of national security committee in Atyrau region.

It reads: "... the inspection spotted 63 potential cracks. The latest cracks were detected by the British experts. The company was even not aware of them. Out of 32 cracks 29 fell on welded joints. The welding was conducted by the general contractor of the project, Italian company Saipem and its contractor Ersai Caspian Contractor".

The inspectors declared about irresponsibility and negligence of the contractors in the construction-installation works. The journalists of the newspaper  showed the inspection certificate to a specialist- head of one departments of "KazTransOil" company. His response was: "If I constructed such a pipeline, I would be immediately taken behind bars".

All the parties who have relation to Kashagan field will gather in Astana on April 17. Probably they will define the losses and again ask the Government of Kazakhstan to postpone the commercial production.





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