Draft regulatory legal acts of Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Education returned to follow-up revision more often than others- Imashev

Date: 17:05, 06-02-2015.

Astana. February 6. KazTAG - The draft regulatory legal acts prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education and Science, are returned to follow up revision more often than others, said Berik Imashev, Minister of Justice.
"Some projects which were returned to follow up revision- it is projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education. There was a high share of return of sublegislative regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank and the Ministry of Defense last year," said Imashev.
In his words, the main share of remarks falls on non compliance with legal technique regulations- 42%, requirements of regulatory legal acts of higher level agencies-35%, one level- 22%, non compliance with Constitutional norms- 0.3%.

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