Drivers of cars in Kyzylorda region were sober at the moment of accident- expertise

Date: 08:25, 14-05-2014.

Kyzylorda. May 14. KazTAG - Drivers of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado were sober in the time of accident on the highway Western Europe-Western-China in Kyzylorda region, reports the regional akimat.

"Krymbek Kusherbayev, akim of the region received the relatives of the victims. To their request to provide honest and fair investigation he said everything would be transparent," said the press-service.

Zhanarbek Baktybayev, head of department of internal affairs of Kyzylorda region, assured the investigation would be fair.

"He said according to the results of medical examination there was no alcohol in the blood of deceased drivers," said the akimat.

As reported the vehicles collided on May 7 in Kyzylorda region killing 10 people including two drivers. On May 11 one more woman died in the hospital.

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