Drunken mother left her minor children at night in steppe in Atyrau region

Atyrau. January 14. KazTAG - A drunken mother has left her two minor children in steppe at night in the Atyrau region.
"Three children were with her that night- she took the youngest one born in 2011 with her, and left other two in the steppe saying she would return for them later. When she returned, she did not find the children there and applied to the guards of a plant. The narcological examination showed light level of alcohol intoxication," reads the message of police department in the Atyrau region.
The incident occurred on January 13.
"The woman came to the Aryrau refinery by taxi at about 19.00, further she decided to walk several kilometers through the steppe on foot towards the village of Taskala," said the department.
"The police discovered the children at midnight under a bush," said the police.
"The mother was identified- she was born in 1981. Since autumn last year her family has been on the register in police, the woman had been attracted to administrative responsibility for negligent performance of parent obligations. The materials have been filed to the commission on minors' affairs," said the police.

Photo source: picture from an open source