Dzhakishev publicly spoke in court first time in 10 years

Date: 17:12, 24-07-2019.

Almaty. July 24. KazTAG - Mukhtar Dzhakishev, ex head of Kazatomprom company, has made a public speech in the court for the first time in 10 years.
"It is my first public speech in the past 10 years.10 years ago the court pronounced my sentence in the military court," he said at the court's hearing in Semey.
He said that time he asked the judge how he is related to a military court and got the answer that it was connected with the products produced by Kazatomprom referring to "secrecyсy" of the case.
"It was my first acquaintance with the court. Second court. The things that the judge read in the verdict were opposite to the things that we heard from the witnesses interrogated in the court. In addition, the judge always asked me to address to him "Your Honour". But I said that I was addressing in compliance with the duty - "Mr. Judge", while "Your Honour" is the rank which must be deserved. They said I did not build Kazatomprom plants, but I was buying parts for the industry for overestimated price. Kazatomprom should have built the plants itself and in this case it would buy these pipes and services for the cost price from its plants. While the gap between the cost price and the margin was counted by the court as damages. I reminded that there is a law which prohibits non-core activity for the national companies. While production of pipes and so on- was non-core activity for Kazatomprom. Thus, the charges for the failure to build the plants and buying products on the market were weird," he said.
In his words, the verdict of the criminal court did not indicate the damages and suits.
"Suits appeared later. Somewhere in Kapshagay where the local judge took the calculations which were taken for damages simply transferred them into the executive list. The fourth court took place in November last year in the same building which had to consider only one issue - if a convict cannot work due to his disease or disability, was it a ground for refusal in release on parole. It only had to reveal how sick I was and if I could work. But the court went in a different direction," he added.
He said one thing united all these courts.
"All my experience with these courts is united by one thing - there was no truth. Unfortunately, absence of truth results in decision making, taking steps, agreeing with anything but not with our personal beliefs, not with our conscience. The thing is that truth is not a disease, it cannot be instilled, one cannot be infected with it. The truth is inside us. Each of us has the right to make his choice! I hope we will make the right choice," he said.

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