Early marriages- consequence of poverty - UN

Astana. February 15. KazTAG - United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) campaign "I don't" for prevention of early marriages started on February 14.
"Every day, tens of thousands of girls become child brides. Child marriage violates their rights, threatens their health and darkens their futures. But when girls are empowered to fight back – to refuse or escape child marriage – the sky is the limit. This Valentine’s Day, we explore what happens when girls say “I don’t”," reads the message.
"Yet families often resort to child marriage because they see it as a girl’s only option – a belief fuelled by poverty, insecurity and gender inequality," reads the report.
"The girls involved in these marriages are extremely vulnerable. They may be exposed to violence, and are often unable to advocate for their needs and rights," said the organization.

Photo source: picture from an open source