Ebola fever declining - UN

Date: 14:29, 21-01-2015.

Almaty. January 21. KazTAG - The epidemic of Ebola fever has been declining, said Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, head of UN mission on emergency response to the mortal fever in his report at the General assembly of the world organization, reports the TASS news agency.
In his words, the number of infected people in the states of Western Africa- Liberia, Guinea, Sierra-Leone- was increasing every three weeks three months ago. At that moment it was forecasted that the number of sick people would be increasing by 10 000 weekly.
"Due to the global efforts these dreadful scenario did not come true, while the Ebola spread slowed down. The epidemic declined and now we are observing reduction of new cases," he said.
He indicated a significant progress in Liberia where the number of new contamination cases reduced by 30 times: from 300 in a week in August and September to 10 a week at this moment.
"In the past three weeks new cases were registered only in four out of 15 counties of Liberia," he said.
In his words under intensive efforts the virus outbreak will be conquered in Liberia in the near future.
Guinea and Sierra Leone also declared that the number of new cases on their territories has been on the lowest level since August 2014.

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