Economy in Kazakhstani companies must advance growth of tariffs - MINT

Date: 08:01, 04-06-2014.

Astana. June 4. KazTAG - First Vice Minister of Industry and New Technologies Albert Rau proposed Kazakhstani companies to save but not to complain about growth of tariffs for purchased energy.

"We have been living in the market economy for more than 20 years. If it's a small business and tariffs grow we say that small business is strangled - instead of thinking: how to save.... If it's a big company - the talks are about the same, that the tariff is increased, it's impossible to work. The situation is different all over the world: we know in advance that the tariffs will grow, each country has its formula of tariffs growth, but if you want to be really competitive you must save faster that the  tariffs grow," said Rau at the conference "Mechanisms of financing and implementation of energy efficiency measures in Kazakhstan".

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