EEC declared need of creation of Eurasian corporations in EAEU

Almaty. July 19. KazTAG - The Eurasian Economic Commission has declared a need of creation of the Eurasian corporations in the Eurasian Economic Union, reports EEC.
"Only big companies can really compete on the global industrial markets. In order to take a remarkable place in this system, the union needs big business, it needs Eurasian corporations," said Alexander Subbotin, ECC Minister on Industry and Agricultural Complex.
In his words, due to active involvement of business, agreements can be concluded on development of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, light industry and agriculture.
"Formation of the uniform  barrier-free economic space. Barriers to mutual trade increase business costs, they are directed against the interests of not only entrepreneurs, but also the EAEU member states. Barriers in the domestic market of the union should be removed as soon as possible and new barriers should not arise," he said.
The commission, he added, creates a Eurasian network of industrial cooperation, subcontracting and technology transfer as tools for digitizing industry within the union.

Photo source: picture from an open source