EEU commission will take into account opinion of business on decisions making - Ministry of Justice

Date: 09:50, 26-05-2014.

Astana. May 26. KazTAG - The commission of Eurasian Economic Union will take into account the opinion of business representatives in decision making process, said Elvira Azimova, Deputy Minister of Justice.

"Business is involved at the initial stage of draft  solutions development (of commission of Eurasian Economic Union-KazTAG), which have obligatory character. Business takes part in the sessions of commission council- it is a supreme body of commission. We differ with our tough and goal seeking upholding of interests, because the national business chamber accompanied this draft agreement from the initial stage to the final stage of discussion. The same way it will be on the stage of decisions taking," she said.

She indicated Kazakhstani side will take into account business opinion on voting on these or those resolutions of the commission.

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