EEU may become ground for equal cooperation with EU in the future

Date: 12:16, 05-01-2015.

Almaty. January 5. KazTAG - The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) may become a negotiations ground of post Soviet states with Europe, wrote Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the committee on international affairs in his blog on January 3 , reports the TASS news agency.
"When the western sanctions fever is over, when people stop looking at the EEU as a form of USSR reincarnation, movement towards convergence of two unions- formation of uniform economic, social and humanitarian space is possible," said the Senator emphasizing that the EEU members will gain better protection in their uniform format than if they negotiated one to one with the EU.
"It will be easier to assert our interests and positions together, because the EEU is not a barrier for interaction with the European Union, but a stronger negotiations ground with Europe," he said.
However for this, the European states should get rid of "civilized snobbism" and "geopolitical jealousy" which has led to hard consequences in Ukraine. "Successful promotion of / Ukraine/ to this format within the frameworks of the Customs Union, EurAsEC and other integration unions became an additional argument to force the Ukrainian events- up to the revolution- for strengthening of association with the European Union, which may be quite doubtful from the point of view of direct benefit for Ukraine, and its attraction to NATO," he wrote.

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