EEU states will explain advantages of integration within frameworks of common media space

Date: 07:42, 01-07-2014.

Almaty. July 1. KazTAG - The members of integration club under chairfigure of Federation Council of Russia discussed the necessity of creation of common media space within the frameworks of Eurasian economic union, reports the embassy of Kazakhstan to Russia.

"The focus was made on the question of necessity of creation of general media space which might explain integration processes and popularize the benefits from the Eurasian economic union among simple people of the member states," reads the message.

The session involved Marat Tazhin, ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia. He indicated that besides explanation it is necessary to take mutual efforts to provide growth of economic circulation between EEU member-states.

"In the conditions of reduction of economic activeness in the EEU member states  it is necessary to take serious efforts to provide growth of mutual trade, stimulate investment trades and improvement of business climate," he said.

Valentina Matviyenko, chairfigure of the Federation Council of Russia said that the integration within the frameworks of EEU is not an abstract project but a real chance of economies development of three states, improvement of well-being of their people.

"The integration achievements urge other CIS states to join the three leaders (EEU member-states-KazTAG). The example to that is Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. The interest to our integration processes is growing also from the side of other states outside the CIS," she said.

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