Election of military psychologists to be toughened in Kazakhstan due to growth of suicide cases

Date: 13:32, 13-03-2015.

Astana. March 13. KazTAG - The main causes of suicidal behavior, prophylactics measures and the role of mass media and internet-sources in the solution of the problem have been declared at the session in the national defense university after the first President of Kazakhstan, reports the Ministry of Defense.
"The main tasks have been set, which, according to the delegates, will help to solve the problem of suicidal behavior and improvement of general situation. It is planned to activate the work of institute of psychologists of the state, toughen the principles of psychologists selection for work in different institutions, to develop and implement the plan of arrangements on suicides prophylactics," reads the message.
According to the statistics data, 0.2% of the total number of suicides registered in Kazakhstan fall on the army. The main cause is a complex of negative factors affecting a man, which often have no relation with the army.

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