Employees of oil service company in Mangistau region went on strike due to holdback pay

Date: 13:46, 13-03-2015.

Aktau. March 13. KazTAG - The employees of oil service company Datoba Construction Ltd went on a strike due to holdback pay.
For the third day the employees of oil service companies, working on the contract with Maersk Oil, have not appeared on the workplace. In their words, last time when they got the salary was in January, and only 50%. After that, they had no payments, although the works on the field are underway.
Totally the company owes 56 mln tenge (50% - for January, and 100%- for February).
Meanwhile, according to the management of Datoba Construction, the problem arose as the customer has not paid the bills since October. As soon as the money comes, it will be paid to the employees.

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