English teacher of rural school in Zhambyl region sentenced 10 years imprisonment for drugs sale

Date: 14:08, 09-12-2014.

Almaty. December 9. KazTAG - Ex English teacher of the secondary school in the village of Merke, Zhambyl region, has been sentenced 10 years in strict regime colony for participation in the organized criminal group and drugs sale, reports the regional court.
"Ex rural teacher M . Mankeyeva has been sentenced 10 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony with property confiscation," reads the message.
According to the files, Bolat Ainakulov, being a head of organized criminal group, acquired, kept marihuana and hashish with the help of crime partners. One of the members of the group of three worked as an English teacher in the secondary school of Merke. These three group members acted as dealers on drugs sale.

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