Entrepreneurs reject financial state support due to checks in Kazakhstan - Ministry of Regional Development

Date: 03:45, 11-04-2014.

Astana. April 11. KazTAG - Rural entrepreneurs do not want to take part in the program "Road Business Map-2020" due to frequent checks from the side of state bodies, said Galiya Dzholdybayeva, chairfigure of business development committee of the Ministry of Regional Development.

"I asked them, why don't you want to sell your products at the territory of the republic? They say they have no funds. No question. We have many financial support tools. Come, we will help you. They say: we don’t need such support, when we come and get it, and in several days a corresponding body appears and starts checks," she said at the round table dedicated to small and medium business.

"We have more than 870 000 active SME entities. 77 773 companies are taking part in the program. It is less than 10%," she resumed.

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