EU police warns about prepared terror act by Islamists in the near future

Date: 12:28, 14-01-2015.

Almaty. January 14. KazTAG - The EU police (Europol) reported about prepared terror act by Islamists one of these days, reports the RBK.
"The police service of the European Union reported about prepared terror act of Jihadists in one of European states one of these days. According to the police the terror act may be committed on January 17," reads the publication.
According to the publication Europol sent the warning to the police of European states on Saturday. According to the statement the attack is being prepared by 5-6 Islamists in one European state. It is assumed the terrorists have accomplices in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Russia.
According to Europol, among the probable targets of Islamists might be Belgium, Holland and Great Britain.

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