Ex akim of Aktubinsk region appointed as akim of Aktobe

Aktobe. June 25. KazTAG - Mavr Abdullin, ex akim of the Aktubinsk region, has been appointed as an akim of Aktobe.
"New akim has been appointed in Aktobe. Under coordination with the Presidential Office and the City Maslikhate Mavr Abdullin has been appointed as an akim of Aktobe," reads the message.
In different years Mavr Abdullin, aged 46, worked as a head of district department of culture, deputy akim of Uilsk district, deputy head of regional agriculture department, akim of Yilsk and Alginsk districts,
Prior to the appointment he worked as a deputy akim of the Aktubinsk region.

Photo source: picture from an open source