Ex akim of Pavlodar region Aryn accused investigation of evidences falsification

Date: 12:27, 19-11-2014.

Pavlodar. November 19. KazTAG - Ex akim of Pavlodar region Yerlan Aryn has accused the investigation of evidences falsification.
"I'd like to declare my position: the investigation brought a number of accusations in respect of me, then they were sitting and fabricating the materials. There have been evidences which they brought without thinking that they are ridiculous. Everything is fabricated," he said at the main judicial hearing in the specialized interdistrict court in Pavlodar region.
He noted many people knew about acquisition of cars, thus the crime was hardly possible.
"I knew about acquisition of the "Niva" and the "Gazel", I didn't give any orders to anyone. I am shocked with the logics how these cars were purchased: Saparov (assistant of Aryn- Bagustar Saparov-KazTAG) knew about it, the deputy akim knew, the car fleet knew, the car company knew, the businessman, his driver. That is the scheme of acquisition and theft of the cars, the story is well created," he said.
As reported, Aryn is accused on the article 311 part 5 (bribery), 177 part 3 points B, g (swindle), 193 part 3 (money laundering) on two episodes.

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