Ex deputy akim of Atyrau region sentenced 15 years imprisonment

Date: 13:09, 14-11-2014.

Atyrau. November 14. KazTAG - Bolat Daukenov, ex deputy akim of Atyrau region, accused on the case of participation in the criminal group has been sentenced 15 years imprisonment.
It was previously reported that Daukenov partly admitted his fault indicating that accusations of management of organized criminal groups "has become fashionable".
He said he was ready to serve the sentence if it is fair.
Judicial hearing is being held in Atyrau on the case of a criminal group headed by ex akim of Atyrau region Bergey Ryskaliyev. The hearing is being held behind open doors.
22 people are on the dock, including ex deputy akims of Atyrau region Bolat Daukenov and Askar Abdirov, ex akim of Atyrau Askar Kerimov and others.

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