Ex district akim in West Kazakhstan region and his deputy suspected of bribe taking exempt from criminal prosecution

Date: 13:47, 11-02-2019.

Uralsk. February 11. KazTAG - Pre-trial investigation against  Karim Zhakupov,  ex-akim of the Terekty district of the West Kazakhstan region, and his deputy, Vitaliy Kushner, has  been terminated due to the absence of components of a crime.
The information about the termination of the case against officials was reported in the department of the National Bureau for Corruption Combat.
“The criminal case initiated under Article 366, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan regarding former akim of the Terekty district, Zhakupov K. and his deputy Kushner V. has been discontinued due to the absence of element of a crime,” said S. Mustafin, deputy head of the department.
K. Zhakupov and V. Kushner were suspected of committing a crime, provided for by part 2 of Article 366 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan “Bribe taking on a large scale and also receiving a bribe for illegal actions (inaction)”. The pre-trial investigation began in October last year.
Being a defendant in the criminal case, K. Zhakupov resigned from his post as akim of Terektinsky district at his own request for health reasons.

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