Ex-head of Bek Air puts blame of people's death on destructed house

Date: 16:22, 30-12-2019.

Almaty. December 30. KazTAG - Nurlan Zhumasultanov, ex head of Bek Air company, puts the blame of people's death on the destructed house.
"The fence is not a trouble.  When aerodromes are designed it is not excluded that a plane may run outside the runway, and the fence will not cause any damage. But it is not about a three brick house. Planes are designed for landing without chassis, without engines, without flaps, but they are not designed for collision with a house. If it is designed for collision with a house, then it is not a plane, but a tank, but tanks cannot fly. People would have survived if this house hadn't been there. There was a landing without the front chassis in 2016 and nobody suffered, our pilot was awarded with Khalyk Kakharmany medal," he said.
He said the air company is not going to compensate the damages to the owner of the destructed house.
"He must show the documents for this house. The house must stand in a right place, " he concluded.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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