Ex head of city health department of Almaty Musinov declares his innocence in final word

Almaty. May 16. KazTAG -  Serikbol Musinov, ex head of the health department of Almaty, declared being innocent in his final word.
"I feel pity to realize that due to far-fetched grounds, the prosecution proposes to condemn me, find me guilty of what I did not commit. Let me state it again: I am innocent! I do not admit guilt!" said Musinov.
He stressed that his innocence is confirmed by the facts.
“The  wording of the indictment - “ Gave a bribe ”- is illogical and has not been proved. I did not give a bribe to anyone; I did not know where the money came from, when and to whom my subordinates handed them over. Thus, I am not a co-performer, it has been proved by facts. Accusing me of collusion is also a complete fiction and it is not grounded by the facts. On the contrary, legal documents - phonograms - prove the opposite, that is, I was not involved in the collusion. There is no motive and reason for me to bribe.  For six months of my work as the head of the public health department, I did not do anything wrong, except to improve the public health system of the city," Musinov said.
At the same time, he declared his accusation of giving a bribe as a provocation.
“I believe, and it is documented that all this is pure provocation. A provocation is prohibited by law. Lying, slandering, provocation - this is the arsenal that was used against me, and nothing more!" he declared.
Musinov stressed the unreliability of the testimony of witnesses for the prosecution, the violation of the principle of adversarial and other numerous contradictions, and doubts in this criminal case.
As it was reported, Musinov was appointed as a head of the health department in November 2017. In September 2018, Musinov was dismissed. On February 6, the Almaty City Court reported on the upcoming trial on charges against Musinov for bribing a group of individuals on a large scale under preliminary agreement for allegedly positive test results for 2016, 2017, 2018.

Photo source: picture from an open source