Ex president of France arrested on suspicion of power abuse

Date: 10:04, 01-07-2014.

Almaty. July 1. KazTAG - Nicolas Sarkozy, ex president of France, has been arrested on suspicion of power abuse, reports the French newspaper Le Figaro.

Ex president of France Nicolas Sarcozy arrived to the department of anti-corruption police this morning where he is supposed to be interrogated on the case of power abuse. A black car with tinted glass took ex head of the state to the headquarters of the central department of legal police in Nanterre. The investigation is trying to reveal if Sarkozy tried to get information from a highly ranked judge concerning criminal case investigation in exchange for appointment to a prestigious post.

Lawyer of Sarkozy- Tierry Herzog was arrested yesterday as well as two highly ranked employees of the prosecutor's office under the appellation court, including Gilbert Azibert.

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