Ex prisoners to be attracted to construction of EXPO-2017 objects

Date: 05:58, 05-06-2014.

Astana. June 5. KazTAG- Ex prisoners will be attracted to the construction ground of EXPO-2017 objects in Astana, reports the prosecutor's office of Astana.

"By the initiative of the prosecutor's office of Astana a memorandum on cooperation between "Astana EXPO-2017", department of criminal correctional system of Astana and "Enbek" enterprise of the committee of criminal correctional system was signed on June 4," reads the message.

The memorandum is aimed to provide maximum employment of convicts in Astana increasing production volume and employment of ex convicts in the contract organizations who will provide construction of the objects of the world exhibition.

"We believe that cooperation of "Astana EXPO-2017" with CIC enterprises will be mutually beneficial and provide workplaces to the convicts for the nearest 2-3 years, it will boost development of industrial activity in the colonies of Astana," reads the message.

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