Ex top manager of BTA bank detained in Chelyabinsk

Date: 15:47, 15-12-2014.

Almaty. December 15. KazTAG - Veronika Yefimova, ex top manager of BTA Bank, accused of $3.3 bln embezzlement has been detained in Chelyabinsk, reports "Kommersant" newspaper.
"The newspaper revealed that Veronika Yefimova ex top manager of Kazakhstani BTA Bank has been detained with a fake passport in Chelyabinsk. She had been hiding from the law enforcement bodies for almost 1.5 years trying to escape extradition to Kazakhstan where she is accused of embezzlement of $3.3 bln of BTA bank," reads the publication.
According to the publication Yefimova has been extradited to Kazakhstan.
"She was extradited to the motherland last week- no special judicial hearing was needed for that  as courts had ordered extradition of Yefimova, while the European court on human rights did not find any political motive in the criminal prosecution," reads the message.

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