Ex vice minister of agriculture Umiryayev sentenced 10 years imprisonment

Date: 10:36, 16-10-2014.

Astana. October 16. KazTAG - Ex vice minister of agriculture Muslim Umiryayev has been sentenced 10 years imprisonment.
"The court adjudged Muslim T. Umiryayev guilty of the crime stipulated by the article 311 part 5 of the Criminal Code and sentenced him 10 years imprisonment with property confiscation in a strict regime colony," said Yerbol Rahumbekov, judge of specialized interdisrict court on criminal cases of Astana.
"On the base of the article 41 deprive Muslim Umiryayev of the right to take duties in state service and local government bodies for 7 years," he added.
As it was previously reported, the hearing commenced on September 2 2014. The official was accused on the article 311 part 5 (bribery on especially large scale). He pleads no guilty. According to the crime sheet, Umiryayev received 6.95 mln tenge and $100 000 from businessman Stanislav Makarenko "for helping to win a tender for acquisition of vaccine for foot and mouth disease and further support of the company".
Umiryayev was detained by the financial police after getting the bribe in his house on December 21 2013.
40 years old Umiryayev was appointed as vice minister of agriculture in September 2011.

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