Exit-poll indicates victory of Tokayev at presidential election

Date: 02:19, 10-06-2019.

Astana.  June 10. KazTAG - The exit-poll of the institute of Kogamdyk pikip has indicated the victory of Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev at the presidential election, according to the results of the central communications service reported in KazMedia Ortalygy center.
According to Kogamdyk pikip, the responders were asked one question: " Which candidate have you voted for?"
According to the results of the interrogation, 70.13% of responders voted for the acting head of state. Amirzhan Kosanov, candidate from Ult tagdary movement , was the second with 15.39% of votes, Daniya Yespayeva, candidate from Ak Zhol party, was the third with 5.32% of votes.
Zhambyl Akhmetbekov, candidate from the Communist party of Kazakhstan,has  got 3.86% of votes, Toleutay Rakhimbekov, candidate from Auyl party, has got 3.03% of votes, Amangeldy Taspikhov, candidate from the Federation of the professional unions of Kazakhstan, has got 1.41% of votes. Sadybek Tugel, candidate from Uly dala karandary movement, has  got 0.86% of votes.
The elections in Kazakhstan took place on the backdrop of numerous violations at the voting stations and mass detentions of the protestors in Nur-Sultan and Almaty.
A number of violations were fixed in the Almaty regions, where observers fixed issuance of two ballots to one voter. The observers from Akikat reported about voting "on carousel" in Nur-Sultan, associated with voting on the additional lists. It was reported about voting from non-polling stations without indicating a residential address by over 100 students in Almaty. It was also reported about violation of secrecy of the vote. There have been numerous complaints from the observers who reported about prevention from work by the employees of the polling stations, one observer reported about an attack in Almaty. At least one fact of a mass ballot stuffing was recorded on  video  in Turkestan. Another videotaped violation was recorded in the Almaty region, where election booths were equipped with pens with disappearing ink. Mass throwing of ballots was recorded in one box by several people. In the voting list in Karaganda, a woman born in 1930 who died 13 years ago was recorded as a voter. Bundles of ballots were discovered among the members of the election commission in Nur-Sultan with the votes for Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.
Dozens of people were detained by police at the Old Square in Almaty, including elderly people and women. Some of them said they were passing by or going to the voting stations, but were detained by police.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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