Experiment for saiga population growth conducted by Almaty zoo and scientists from West Kazakhstan region

Date: 14:52, 05-08-2019.

Almaty. August 5. KazTAG – An experiment for saiga population growth is being conducted by Almaty zoo and scientists fr om the West Kazakhstan region, reports the press-service of Almaty zoo.
"Almaty zoo is the only in the world which conducts a program for preservation and breeding of saiga which are under the threat of extinction. There are 334 400 animals in the world. It might seem that the population is not so low, however, the population is decreasing in a fast pace. Due to the experiment of the Almaty zoo, saiga may avoid extinction," reads the report.
According to the message, keeping saiga in captivity "is quite risky".
"These animals do not like captivity, most often they do not survive. However, the employees of the Almaty zoo got assistance from the experienced colleagues from the West Kazakhstan University named after Zhangir-khan in Uralsk. They have a mini nursery wh ere saigas have been bred in semi-captivity for several years. The population is growing. The animals feel fine,"said the zoo.
Today nine saigas live in the Almaty zoo .

Photo source: picture from an open source

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