Expert who did not identify alcohol in blood Gelandewagen driver testified in court

Date: 14:09, 14-02-2019.

Almaty. February 14. KazTAG - The expert who did not identify alcohol in blood of Ilyas Kar, Gelandewagen driver, who had committed an accident with three fatalities has testified in court in Almaty.
“I made an examination, naturally, the result was negative,”  said Ziyara Moldagaliyeva, forensic expert at the Almaty Forensic Institute.
Presiding judge Roman Selitskiy clarified: “Why naturally?”
“The accident happened on December 29 at 05.00. They took blood from him (the defendant - KazTAG) on December 30 at 20.00, according to the investigator. From the moment of the accident to the time of blood sampling 39 hours had passed. Within 39 hours it will remove  from human body, naturally, the result will be dubious. Because 39 hours is almost a day and a half, even if there was alcohol the expertise won't reveal it," she said.
She also noted that the expert received blood for research  only on January 8 in connection with holidays, all this time the defendant's blood was kept in a refrigerator.
At the same time, the expert emphasized that usually the expertise  is conducted within 2 hours from the time of the accident.
“In fact, when an accident occurs, the drivers are immediately taken for examination, but if the driver does not agree, he must retake the test again in 2 hours, that is, the administrative courts give only 2 hours to retake the blood. In this case 39 hours passed. If after 39 hours we give a negative result, let's say administrative judges do not take into account at all," she added.
Meanwhile, the expert added that theoretically it is possible to speed up removal of alcohol from the body with the help of medication, in this case, the it removes from the body two times faster.

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