Explosive devices found in three districts of Istanbul; nobody injured

Date: 14:44, 19-01-2015.

Almaty. January 19. KazTAG - An explosive device was activated in the district of Fatih in Istanbul on Sunday, nobody was injured. Two other self made bombs were found in the districts of Maltepe and Sultangazi, reports the Russian news agency TASS.
Unknown people planted a bomb nearby a power transformer. The bomb exploded but nobody was injured. According to police, the explosive was not powerful but staffed with strike elements.
Another explosive device was left in a package nearby Makteope district. Police disactivated the bomb. There was a note on the package saying" You will carry responsibility for Gizre". It is referred to a province mainly inhabited by Kurds in the province of Shirnak, where a local resident was recently shot dead by unknown people. Some people think that Ankara is involved in the accident.
Another case was registered in Sultangazi where two men wearing masks left a suspicious packet at the bust stop. There was a gas bag with a detonator inside.

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