Extortions prosper in Kazakhstani schools due to lack of budget funding - public figures

Date: 13:06, 30-01-2015.

Almaty. January 30. KazTAG - Extortions prosper in Kazakhstani schools due to the lack of budget funds, said Zulphiya Baisakova, head of "Union of crisis centers".
"Extortions in our schools is a consequence of lack of funds due to incorrect budgeting," she said at the public hearing "Yes to school, no to extortions!".
In her words, the size of extortions from parents for schools needs makes from 10 000 tenge to 15 000 tenge in 6 months, in the class fund- from 1500 tenge to 6000 tenge a month ( in average $450 a year). The data were obtained on the base of analysis of parents' messages about extortions via a hot line held since September 15 until November 15.
"352 messages came in two months, the calls were anonymous and they confirmed there are extortions at schools, but in case the information is made public the child gets under pressure from the side of teachers and classmates," she concluded.

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