Facilities availability for disabled checked in Astana

Date: 09:05, 05-05-2014.

Astana . May 5. KazTAG - Availability of hospitals , theaters and entrances for disabled is being checked by the city administration in Astana , reads the message posted on the official website of the capital.

"Whether it's a hospital, a theater or entrance of the house - they must be accessible to disabled people in the country and the city," reads the statement posted on the site of Astana.

The monitoring and evaluation of capital projects for the disabled is being conducted by a specially created social group . Its objectives are to test if social infrastructure is accessible to people with disabilities. By the monitoring results officials promise to create a map of availability of urban facilities in Astana for people with disabilities.

"Today, every one of them ( the group members - KazTAG) is making a list of the 10 most visited sites in Astana that should be checked . Then they will meet with the owners of buildings and tell what changes are needed for every disabled person in order to freely visit these institutions ", reads the message.

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