Farmers fear to speak openly about their problems - Union of Farmers of North Kazakhstan region

Date: 11:05, 10-02-2015.

Petropavlovsk. February 10. KazTAG - Farmers fear to talk openly about their problems, said Niyaz Ibrayev, head of North Kazakhstani branch of farmers union.
"It is hard to find a farmer who will speak about his problems from high tribunes," he said at the meeting between Shygys Kabdula, head of department on state service affairs and corruption combat in North Kazakhstan region with farmers of the region
In his words, farmers are facing a number of problems.
" About 60 people took part in the regional meeting of farmers in late December who were openly talking about their problems. When it was time to choose three speakers from the region at the republican meeting of farmers scheduled on February 12 in Astana, nobody wished to take part," he said.
In his words, only one farmer agreed to speak from the republican tribune.
Meanwhile, Kabdula called farmers not to fear voicing their problems.

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