Fine for bodily blows increased by 20 times in Kazakhstan

Date: 13:15, 12-01-2015.

Astana. January 12. KazTAG - The fine for bodily blows has been increased from 5 to 100 MCI (minimal calculation index), said Igor Lepekha, chairman of the committee of administrative police of MIA.
"Bodily blows is a very widespread violation. Previously the fine was 5 MCI or 10 days arrest. Since January 1 it has become a criminal offense. The fine will be up to 100 MCI, correctional works, public works up to 120 hours. Further - 45 days criminal arrest," he said.
The sanctions for repeated detention of drunk drivers have been toughened. Previously the punishment for this offense was 20 days, now it makes up to 500 MCI, public works up to 300 hours, further arrest- up to 90 days.

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