Five people, including three kids suffered in car accident in Almaty

Date: 12:14, 04-06-2019.

Almaty June 4. KazTAG - Five people, including three children, suffered as a result of a collision of foreign cars with Gazel in Almaty, the agency reports.
“Five people, including three children, suffered in an accident that occurred at around 03.00 at the intersection of Shemyakin and Khmelnitsky streets. The car "Gazel" was moving in a northerly direction and turned into a smallt street, not letting through the Honda CR-V, which was moving at that moment along Shemyakin Street to the south. As a result, cars were scattered in different directions”, stated an eyewitness on Tuesday.
According to him, everyone with various injuries was hospitalized on arrival at the ambulance.
Further inspection of the accidentis under investigation.

Photo source: picture from the open source

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