FlyArystan is the only air company in Kazakhstan getting right for transportations without luggage

Date: 14:33, 19-04-2019.

Astana. April 19. KazTAG - FlyArystan low cost company is the only air carrier in Kazakhstan getting the right for transportations without luggage,  reports the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development.
"The order of the Minister of Industry and Infrastructural Development N540 dated April 30 2015 "On rules of transportation of passengers, luggage and freights by air transport" has been amended, according to the amendments the right for transportations without luggage has been provided exclusively to the low cost carrier- FlyArystan. Up to 5 kg hand luggage is allowed. The regulation for 20 kg luggage transportation is liable to other air companies with full spectrum of services," said the ministry.
The ministry explained that the previously provided free luggage permit of up to 20 kg was actually paid and always included in the ticket price (price from 4000 thousand) regardless of the passenger’s checked-in luggage”.
“For example, a passenger traveling without luggage anyway pays the luggage transportation fares. In order to launch a low-cost airline, legislative changes have been made to the effect that the baggage allowance for air transport is determined by the carrier. All over the world, low-cost airline activity is efficient, as the cost of tickets is low. However, in order to minimize the tariff, it is necessary to reduce all possible expenses, as well as to exclude all additional services (luggage, meals on board or choosing a seat in the cabin and others)," said the report.

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