Four times presidential candidate declares intention to run for the fifth time

Date: 15:40, 19-04-2019.

Almaty. April 19. KazTAG - Zhaksybay Bazilbayev, four times presidential candidate is going to run for the fifth time.
"I will take part in the election. I created the national-patriotic party of Kazakhstan which was a successor of the National political party Alash. We closed it because the authorities did not like the program. In 1990th when Russian people started leaving, we opened the Russian party of Kazakhstan. I have been facing barriers for 25 years, but anyway I've decided to try one more time," he said.
He said he is going to strengthen the relations with Russia and enhance the defense capacity of Kazakhstan.
"I will start with defense capacity, I support the EU and SCO, I will enhance the defense capacity of Kazakhstan, restore the sovereignty of Kazakhstan as a nuclear power. Within the frameworks of the Eurasian union I will offer Russia to create a defense coalition, I will support Russia as a closest and friendliest partner of Kazakhstan," said Bazilbayev.
Talking about the pre-electoral program Bazilbayev promised to restore the Constitutional court, to reform the banking system, to create a multinational government of national trust, to liquidate the Samruk Kazyna fund, to  return oil, gas, chrome, flora and fauna to people, to create a multiparty system with a passing rate of 4% to Parliament, and to exempt people aged over 73 from paying public utilities, to provide free housing for families with seven or more children, to cancel the transition of the Kazakh language into the Latin alphabet, to cancel the UNT, private ownership of land, build factories and plants.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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