French 'yellow vests' march in Paris to denounce police violence

Date: 12:01, 04-02-2019.

Almaty. February  4. KazTAG - Thousands of Yellow Vest anti-government protesters in France have marched through the capital Paris and other cities on the 12th weekend of the rallies against political elite and what they call inequality in the country, reports pressTV.
Several thousands of the demonstrators on Saturday took to the streets both to reiterate their demands and to pay homage to those injured since the onset of the rallies on November 17, which were initially against fuel tax hikes.
Protesters, carrying French flags and signs that attacked President Emmanuel Macron, also denounced the use of flash ball riot control guns, banned in much of Europe, by French riot police, who on Saturday fired tear gas canisters against the crowds of protesters to disperse them.
Macron’s government had on Friday warned that police would not hesitate to use flash balls in case of violence by protesters after it was authorized by the country’s highest administrative court.
Official figures showed that some 1,000 police personnel along with around 1,700 protesters have been injured since the start of anti-Macron rallies.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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