Friday proposed to be made half working day

Date: 14:50, 09-08-2019.

Almaty. August 9. KazTAG - Zhangeldy Suleimanov, Kazakhstani lawyer, proposed to make Friday a working day until afternoon.
"I have been striving for the change of work time in Kazakhstan for 5-7 years. We have five days working week. It was introduced by Ford to make people work hard. I want people to work until the afternoon. There is a principle- deadline is set and work is done within these limits. If a person is said to dig a pit within five hours he will do it in this period of time, if he is said to do it within 3 hours, he will do it. Let people have rest," he said.
He said today people have to work not only until 18.00 but also until 22.00, including on Friday.
"The problem is, according to the law people work until 18.00 today, but in reality, they work until 22.00 on Friday, some of them work on Saturday. People have no days off, people have no rest, they have no time to spend with their family. I think this system will bring benefit also for the state," he added.

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