Gani Akhmadzai and Abdulla Abdulla taking lead at elections in Afghanistan

Date: 04:27, 07-04-2014.

Almaty. April 7. KazTAG - According to the preliminary results Gani Akhmadzai and Abdulla Abdulla are taking lead at the elections in Afghanistan, reports the Afghanistan Telegraph Agency (AfTAG).

The first results showed that Gani Akhmadzai and Abdulla Abdulla are taking lead. However, the results show that none of the candidates is able to win in the first tour.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Omar Daudzai, Minister of Internal Affairs, declared Afghanistan people managed to resist the security threats and turned the elections into success.

Afghanistanforces prevented 140 attacks at the voting stations, liquidated 89 militants. He confirmed that 9 police officers, 7 soldiers and 4 civilians died in the diversions, 43 civilians have been injured during the elections.

Acting President Hamid Karzai encouraged high attendance and marked that people demonstrated their aspiration to resist any pressure.

Meanwhile, Barak Obama, US President, declared that America is ready to keep on cooperating with Afghanistan after the elections.

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