Gas sold to population of Kazakhstan with 252% margin

Astana. October 4. KazTAG - Liquefied petroleum gas is sold to the population of Kazakhstan with a 252% margin.
“Despite the prices fixed by the Government at T38 701 / ton, in fact,  gas is sold to the population at a price of T136 500 / ton, with an extra charge of 252%,” said the Committee on Protection and Development of Competition of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan.
The antimonopoly committee said it is due to  imposition of additional services by manufacturers on the sale of liquefied petroleum gas, thereby increasing the gas price set by the Government.
“In this regard, the antimonopoly authority has launched an investigation against Atyrau Oil Refinery JSC on the facts of abuse of a dominant position due to the imposition of additional contract terms,  including imposition of economically or technologically unreasonable terms to the counterparties," said the message.
In addition, the antimonopoly committee reported about numerous complaints from gas network organizations about the actions of state bodies in connection with discriminatory distribution of gas.

Photo source: picture from an open source