Gelandewagen driver said he escaped from accident scene for fear of lynch justice

Date: 16:13, 18-02-2019.

Almaty. February 18. KazTAG - Gelandewagen driver Ilyas Kar who committed a fatal traffic accident killing three people on the intersection of Abay and Seifullin streets said in court he escaped from the scene for fear of lynch justice.
"After the collision I got out of the car, ran to Mitsubishi, people stopped. We were trying to roll back the car. The people who were there did not see that I had been driving Gelandewagen, they thought I was a passer-by. One moment they started shouting where is the driver, and ran toward the car, they were scolding, saying bad words. I thought they would understand it was me. I did a bad thing, I left, my upper clothes were inside the car. I did not approach the car anymore. I crossed Abay avenue and went down Seifullin, I turned into a yard. I stayed there until eight o clock, then I went to Masanchi, caught a taxi and went towards the market. I wanted to buy a jacket, and boots, as I was wearing summer boots, then I planned to surrender to police," he said in the court's room.
He said he planned to cross the intersection swiftly.
"I had an argument with my wife, I got into the car and drove southwards down Nauryzbay batyr street, I reached Shevchenko street, stopped on the red light, there was red again on the intersection of Kurmangazy, I turned right on Abay avenue, I saw green light on the intersection of Abay-Seifullin, I sped up, I wanted to cross it swiftly. It was early morning, freezing, I knew I wouldn't stop. The traffic lights were red when I reached the intersection," he said.
He explained why he surrendered to police only after 1.5 days.
"I bought clothes on the market, I called my mate, asked to pick me up, he came, I explained the situation. I called the lawyer on December 29 in the afternoon. He said he would come tomorrow. I decided to wait for him," he added.

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