Government of Kyrgyzstan does not take any actions to prevent smuggling of fuel and lubricants from Kazakhstan - deputy

Date: 16:29, 30-05-2019.

Almaty May 30. KazTAG - The Government of Kyrgyzstan does not take any measures to stop smuggling of fuels and lubricants from Kazakhstan, said Kyrgyz deputy Zhanar Akayev.
“Every year the budget loses billions. Every fourth liter, or 25% of fuel and lubricants imported from Kazakhstan - is smuggling. We can see gasoline beign sold on the roads. The government is aware of all this, but does nothing", - Akayev said during a meeting of the Zhogorku Kenesh on Thursday.
As an example he took Tajikistan, who introduced an automated online system,by means of which tax levies increased by 70%.
“Why can not we implement such a system in our country? These systems will allow to register every refueling. You can track how much fuel is imported, how much is sold” - said Akayev.

Photo source: picture from the open source

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