Growing tension between US and Russia cannot be considered as cold war reanimation- expert

Date: 07:11, 24-04-2014.

Astana. April 24. KazTAG - The growing tension between the US and Russia cannot be considered as return of the cold war, said Vladimir Puzdner, journalist, presenter of the First Channel Russia.

"Many of us grew up and lived in the cold war period. It was dangerous because both opposing sides had nuclear weapons. Now the disputes about the cold war are underway. I would say " be careful with terminology" - the cold war was a result of ideology, struggle for intellects," he said during the XII Eurasian media forum.

"Today there is a seriously growing tension between the cold war opponents: Russia and the US, but the ideology is different- the issue is absolutely different, (...) in old and bad time the world supported one or another party, now it isn't like this," he said.

There are many states which say "everyone is for himself"

"China is not behind anyone, India, Argentina and Brazil. If we continue this chain we see there are no more uniform fronts," he resumed.

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