Halyk Bank's chair declared five fold growth of rouble cash at border territories

Date: 15:11, 12-11-2014.

Astana. November 12. KazTAG - Five fold growth of Russian rouble sale has been registered in Kazakhstani regions, said Umut Shayakhmetova, chairfigure of "Halyk Bank".
"Talking about roubles, the volume has increased over the past few months, not in payments, but in the circulations in terms of currency operations, that is exchange currency operations. We can see it in the border zones. The sales of cash roubles have increased considerably. There used to be about 1 bln tenge a month, now it makes 5 bln tenge and more," she said.
She added, what is meant here is roubles sales through the exchangers of "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan".
In her words the question is not in seasonal increase of demand for Russian rouble.
As it was previously reported, the official rate of Russian rouble to tenge lowered from 4.94 tenge per one rouble as of September 1 2014 to 3.92 tenge per one rouble as of November 12.

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